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Wolffstein Family Office

In the realm of wealth management, the term "family office" defies legal specificity. Traditionally, a family office does not assume direct ownership of assets but rather deploys the wealth owner's capital across diverse asset classes (such as equities, real estate, corporate investments) through various asset managers.

Operational Excellence

It vigilantly monitors their performance and meticulously compiles comprehensive reports for the wealth owner. 


Beyond asset management, family offices often shoulder additional responsibilities that typically do not necessitate specialized licenses.

These encompass general asset counsel, mediation in familial disputes, financial record-keeping, auditing, comprehensive reporting, and even general services like office administration, travel coordination, or security oversight.

A Multi-Family Office represents a discrete entity, both private and commercial, whose team is dedicated to aiding multiple families in the orchestration, administration, and preservation of their wealth. This support is meticulously tailored to account for the unique circumstances, requirements, and aspirations of each family.


Addressing Unique Needs

The core mandate of a family office revolves around crafting and orchestrating bespoke wealth strategies.

Differentiating Factor

In contrast, a Single Family Office is an entity singularly devoted to serving one specific family. When establishing a Single Family Office, that particular family is responsible for assembling its own staff and assuming all operational risks. However, the inherent advantage of this approach is that the family retains absolute control over the family office's operations and can fine-tune services precisely to their specifications. 

Digital Family Office

A Digital Family Office has its origins in managing substantial private estates. Such estates, often ranging from 25 million euros to approximately 150 million euros, typically align with multi-family office trusts possessing assets of at least 5 million euros. The Digital Family Office operates independently and provides comprehensive solutions commencing at $100,000.

The Digital Family Office leverages the extensive expertise and esteemed reputation of its founders within the financial realm, alongside enduring affiliations with the world's preeminent wealth managers. This affords our clients an exceedingly exclusive gateway. 

Herein lies the distinction: Single Family Offices can proffer a more personalized service compared to Multi-Family Offices but may contend with budget constraints when developing specialized expertise, frequently operating in a "self-sustained" manner. Exceptions serve as the confirmation to this rule, such as when managing substantial assets.

The necessity to construct a robust infrastructure generally predicates Single Family Offices possessing a minimum asset value of 200 million euros or more. Conversely, Multi-Family Offices furnish comprehensive services catering to several families.

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